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A Letter from Lake Ngozi (Lake Ngosi)

A Letter from Lake Ngozi (Lake Ngosi)
By: Mark Mwandosya, Emmanuel Mwandosya and Lucy Akiiki Mwandosya
22 November 2018
After an exhaustive two hour climb of a mountain, traversing through the thick canopy of the Poroto Mountains from the Rungwe District side of the crater, suddenly, in the midst of the tropical equatorial type vegetation we got a glimpse of what seemed to be a lake. Sure enough as our guide Saidi would remark, we were approaching Lake Ngozi, also referred to as Lake Ngosi, a crater lake in the southern part of the Eastern African Rift System, We had another 30 minutes of trekking before we could reach the observation point. Before us unfolded one of the most spectacular sights that Almighty God can bless anyone to observe, paradise on earth, crater Lake Ngozi in all its majesty. We will return to Lake Ngozi later on in the sequel.
Our memorable trip to Lake Ngozi started early in the morning of Monday 12 November 2018, from our Matema Beach residence on the shore of…