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STATEMENT BY Mark J. MWANDOSYA on the occasion of the launch of the book “Tanzania in the age of Change and Transformation” authored by Balozi Juma V. MWAPACHU. 17 May 2018

STATEMENT BY Mark J. MWANDOSYA on the occasion of the launch of the book “Tanzania in the age of Change and Transformation” authored by Balozi Juma V. MWAPACHU New Africa Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 17 May 2018
Balozi Juma Volter Mwapachu, Author of the book, and Man of the Day; Dr. Juliana Masabo, Associate Dean, School of Law, representing Prof. Chris Peter Maina, Distinguished Professor and Colleague as Guest Speaker; Ms. Elieshi Lema, Publisher, Managing Director E& D Vision Publishing House; Distinguished Invitees; Friends; Ladies and Gentlemen.
What an auspicious moment it is that I should be brought out of retirement, literally out of the bush, from Lufilyo village in Busokelo, to officiate at the launch of the book aptly titled “ Tanzania in the Age of Change and Transformation”, authored by none other than Balozi Juma Volter Mwapachu. Balozi Mwapachu is, without doubt, a distinguished scholar, a prolific writer, a diplomat, an internationalist, a politician and a lawyer all r…
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Kwaheri Mhandisi Ngusa Izengo

Kwaheri Mhandisi Ngusa Laurent Izengo

1972 - 2018

Mwaka 2008, niliteuliwa kuwa Waziri wa Maji na Umwagiliaji. Awali ya hapo nilikuwa Waziri wa Nchi (Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais) Mazingira, na kabla ya hapo, Waziri wa Mawasiliano na Uchukuzi. Moja ya changamoto kubwa ya Waziri awaye yote ni kumpata Katibu wa Waziri ambaye ndiye msaidizi mkuu, mratibu na msimamizi mkuu wa ofisi ya Waziri. Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara ambaye ndiye afisa mtendaji mkuu wa Wizara, akisaidiwa na Mkurugenzi wa Utumishi ndio wanaomsaidia Waziri katika kumpata mmoja wa watumishi waandamizi, kuwa Katibu wa Waziri. Kwa kuwa Katibu wa Waziri anafanya kazi na Waziri, basi anayependekezwa lazima akubalike na Waziri.
Katibu ndiye anayepanga ratiba ya kazi ya Waziri. Katibu wa Waziri ndiye anayewaona kwanza wageni wote wa Waziri. Katibu ndiye anayechukua kumbukumbu ya vikao vyote vya Waziri. Katibu wa Waziri ndiye kiungo cha muda wote kati ya Waziri na watendaji wa Wizara. Ingawa Katibu Mkuu na Naibu Wa…

A Letter to Comrade Martin Thembisile (Chris) Hani

A Letter to Comrade Martin Thembisile (Chris) Hani

April 10, 2018
Comrade Chris, To an ordinary mortal it would seem odd that I should communicate with you, us being worlds apart. To a Christian, such as I am, and to you, born a Catholic, being a committed member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), notwithstanding, the belief in and notion of life in the world after comes naturally. Furthermore, very African as both of us are, we firmly believe in the presence in our midst, of the souls of the departed, residing in, among other places, the hills and mountains, the valleys, the pristine forests and woods, and in our homes, among other beauties mother nature has endowed mother Africa. I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in undertaking this mission of communicating with you Comrade Hani, coming as it does, on the 25th anniversary of your departure.
The chilly southern hemispherical autumn Easter Saturday of 10th of April, 1993, was the longest day in the final struggle for th…

A Letter From Fort Portal, Kabarole, Tooro, Uganda

A Letter From Fort Portal, Kabarole, Tooro, Uganda


For a Tanzanian, or a Kenyan for that matter, being in Uganda is like bearing witness to time rolling back to the time we were taught the geography of East Africa in school many a decade ago. The economic links among the three East African countries, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are now a century old. For the links started in 1917 when the colonial regimes of Kenya and Uganda established a customs union, to be joined by Tanganyika in 1927. The Customs Union made way for the East African High Commission in 1948. With the advent of the independence of Tanganyika, it was agreed that common services which until then had been provided by the East African High Commission, should continue to be provided by the East African Common Services Organization (EACSO). The three independent states; Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda decided to refine the nature of cooperation by forming the East African Community (EAC) in 1967.

In a move aimed at…