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Coming Soon: Daraja Juu ya Mto Nile (English Edition)

The book titled: DARAJA JUU YA MTO NILE authored by Mark Mwandosya, was published in 2015. The publication of the book in kiswahili was aimed at, among other reasons, the promotion of the use of kiswahili, a national language of Tanzania, and Kenya, and a language widely spoken in Eastern Africa and beginning to spread across Africa and other continents. Yet english, as a language is more widely spoken and indeed the "kiswahili of the world". Calls have been made for the book to be translated into english, and the author has obliged. For the subject of transboundary watercourses is as topical as it is current. The River Nile is no exception. The book: BRIDGE ACROSS THE RIVER NILE is with the printers and should be out in a few weeks.

©Mark Mwandosya

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